Leading company in Portugal in innovation services and one of the leaders in Europe. INOVA+ delivers highly specialized services in research exploitation, technology transfer and innovation management to clients in public administration, research and private businesses.



BZNLargest and most successful non-profit applied research organization in Hungary. RDI activities focus on the areas of material science, laser and nano- biotechnology, ICT, environmental technologies, logistics and industrial production technologies and control engineering. Main professional fields of BZN: Ambient Intelligence, Embedded systems, Sensor networks, Intelligent traffic systems, Ad-hoc communication networks and Intelligent healthcare systems.



ISCTE-IULHigh-quality public university institute and one of the most dynamic and innovative in Portugal. The present research project of ISCTE-IUL comes mostly from the design of living environments throughout the several phases of design, the analysis of space considering the potential use by people, and interactive systems for different human users in conventional computing platforms, both in virtual and augmented reality.



CKPTIn-home care for seniors and other adults with permanent or temporary disabilities delivered through 750 offices worldwide, In B2B market, CKPT is pioneering the way to deliver the in-home care services for third sector organizations using innovative service delivery models. The two major strategic differentiators: provides interactive caregiving   and services/products to offer its clients and provide care.




Software developer and research company that has developed a large number of products, games and middle-ware. Liquid Media also works as a research consultant to companies in the healthcare sector developing products and interfaces for personalized e-Health solutions. LM develops multi-channel interfaces (for both games and e-Health), including Immersive Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. LM has the expertise and knowledge on how interfaces and middleware need to be designed to deliver both ease-of-use and flexibility for developers and a natural but rich experience for non tech savvy end-users.