OLA at the Medtec Europe Stuttgart next week!

INOVA+, the OLA project leader, will be participating at the Medtec Europe 2018. This event is the preeminent medical technology platform showcasing the key trends and insights across the entire supply chain of the medical technology industry.

The event runs between the 17th to the 19th of April in Suttgart, Germany.

Do not miss this opportunity to visit us.

Know more about Medtec Europe event here.

OLA Consortium Meeting in Miskolc (March 2018)

On March 21st and 22nd, OLA partners have met for a Consortium Meeting at the Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. permisses in Miskolc, Hungary.

This last physical meeting of the project was important to allign all the necessary effort from all partners to conclude the remaining tasks on the project.

The pilots’ evaluation is being performed, and the results were discussed together with the exploitation strategy. The OLA Business Model identifies the institutions as the primary customer segment. The OLA solution will be commercialized and financially sustainable through partnerships with Electronic Health Record Vendor, Healthcare Hardware vendors, owners of senior housings and also chronic diseases associations. The revenue streams with be generated on commercializing OLA solution by health as a service, composed by a package including the devices needed for measurements including the license to use the application for monitoring the data and also to manage the older adults’ activities.

On the second day of the meeting, the consortium visited the Nursing Home where the pilot activities in Hungary has been take place.

We were kindly guided inside the building, presenting us the different rooms, the nursing staff and it was also introduced to us some of the patients. From the moment we walked through the entrance, it was easy to see that they were happy to receive us and for being part of the OLA pilot trials.

At the end, there was a discussion between the OLA consortium with the directors, formal caregivers and older adults of the Nursing Home.

All of them were curious about the OLA project, wanting to know more details about the product, as well the situation of the pilots in the other countries, where the different realities of the three countries were discussed and compared. The nursing staff revealed the easiness of the process to measure the data, and they were also very enthusiastic on using the application with the NFC technology on the measurements for user identification, while the older adults revealed their interested in the solution as they want to be keeping monitored and feel safe for their results being analysed with the option to send alarms to their caretakers in case when the measured values are not on the recommended standard range.


Special thanks to Ezüst Híd Otthon (Nursing Home for Older Adults) in Miskolc, Hungary

Pan European Networks’ Special Report on OLA

Pan European Networks has recently published a special report of OLA project. The article dedicated to OLA presents the target users and the main objectives, listing the main features and also the unique advantages which users can take benefit from the solution. The article ends with the OLA introduction to the European e-health market.

Click here to read the article and know more about OLA.

OLA Consortium Meeting in Stockholm (November 2017)

On November 20th and 21st, OLA partners have met for a Consortium Meeting at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

The OLA pilot operations (been running in the capital of Sweden, and also in Lisbon and Miskolc) were evaluated, having in consideration the technical aspects and discussing the results plus feedback received from the end-users.

Regarding the OLA Business Model, market analysis is being redefined considering the different realities being found in the three pilot locations and also from a clearer OLA solution identity, which was actively discussed in the meeting.

The dissemination was also a topic analysed during the meeting, where the partners are also putting their best efforts on developing dissemination material to present the OLA solution – an initial but promising step for the solution to enter in the challenging and growing silver market is being developed – stay tuned!

The OLA consortium will rejoin for one last physical meeting near the project closure, this time in Hungary, and it being planned a visit to the Home institution in Miskolc (where the pilot in Hungary is being conducted).

OLA at the AAL Forum 2017

OLA solution will be showcased at the AAL Forum 2017!

The AAL Forum, is the annual event for presenting the innovative technological product ideas and services for active and healthy ageing, promoted by the Active and Assisted Living Programme. As one of the largest European events of its kind, the Forum supports these ideas and developments until they launch on the market.

This year, the AAL Forum will take place at the Centro Region of Portugal in Coimbra, between the 2nd and the 4th of October.

Image Source – AAL Forum Website

We invite you to visit the stand of INOVA+ (OLA Project coordinator), to meet us and to know all about our solution – a virtual presence aimed to improve the elderlies’ autonomy levels  and activeness in society, ease informal caregivers’ burden and offer healthcare institutions an innovative and productive monitoring system on seniors’ health and wellbeing .

OLA will be part of a large number of products and services, workshops and participation of keynote speakers, meaning that there are plenty of good reasons for visiting the AAL Forum this year.

We can’t wait to meet you in Coimbra!

Environmental Analysis research at the SSS11 in Lisbon

On the following week, from 3rd to 7th of July, the city of Lisbon in Portugal (at the Gulbenkian Institute) will be hosting the 11th International Space Syntax Symposium (SSS11).


“SSS11 is the opportunity to discover about the latest developments on space syntax, to discuss with people from all over the world, to share your own work and to learn from others. It is the meeting point for everyone working with space syntax or with an interest in the field.”

Under research for OLA Project on Environmental Analysis, the presentation will analyse and demonstrate results on space perception and how visual cues, such as landmarks, may influence the way people move in a given space. The main goal addressed in this research was to compare people’s movement in the real world with their movement in a replicated virtual world, and study how landmarks influence their choices when deciding among different paths.

Where and When:

  • LocationGulbenkian Institute – Auditorium 3
  • When6th of July at 4.00 pm (Local time) 

Registrations for the SSS11 are open!

Pilot Trials for OLA are running in Portugal, Sweden and Hungary

The Pilot Trials for OLA have already started!

Three pilots in Portugal, Sweden and Hungary are linked with a parallel evaluation of trials progress and results. The initial installation and deployment is performed onsite, consisting the integration of the Glucose Meters, Heart Rate Meters, Microsoft band 2, Balance Scales and Panic Buttons into an user-friendly and robustly secured platform. The training and all the necessary support is given by the OLA partners onsite, but the system is operated and managed remotely.

OLA Pilot Trials

CeBIT was a blast!

OLA Project was represented by its Coordinator, Eng. Carla Santos, in CeBIT – recognized as the largest trade fair in the world field of Information Technology.

The high interest demonstrated from CeBIT participants in OLA supports to demonstrate the today’s awareness in active ageing and importance on health care systems by society.


INOVA at CeBIT 2017 presenting OLA

OLA Project will be presented at the Global Event for Digital Business – CeBIT 2017 held in Hannover, Germany.

A five-day journey, March 20th to 24th, of discovery as we delve deep into the realms of leading-edge technologies shifting the boundaries between humans and technology.

Get Free tickets to visit us at CeBIT 2017 – more information on OLA Website.

INOVA+ will be looking forward to receive you at Hall 7, Stand A41. We hope to see you soon.

OLA Project Meeting in Porto, Portugal (December 2016)

On December 5th and 6th of 2016, OLA partners have met for a 2 days physical meeting at INOVA+’s headquarters.

Porto Meeting

The meeting was very much focused on two key aspects, the first was the discussion on OLA Business Model on different countries perspectives – including the analysis on how OLA can meet the expectations from the end-users and how OLA should establish a strong and effective relationship with them. The other crucial topic addressed on the meeting was the pilot planning – consider the importance of the pre-pilots and the pilot’s methodology: pilot kits, questionnaires and method. To better make a bridge from the first to the second aspect and enrich the discussion, it was made full presentation of the OLA’s architecture and a demonstration on different devices and sensors, including:

  • Heart beat data, Glucose and Blood Pressure;
  • Body Weight and Body Balance;
  • Self-Measurement of fatigue;
  • Speech Recognition.

The Project Team finished the year of 2016 getting ready to move forward for the testing phase which will be occurring in Portugal, Hungary and Sweden.