OLA Consortium Meeting in Stockholm (November 2017)

On November 20th and 21st, OLA partners have met for a Consortium Meeting at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

The OLA pilot operations (been running in the capital of Sweden, and also in Lisbon and Miskolc) were evaluated, having in consideration the technical aspects and discussing the results plus feedback received from the end-users.

Regarding the OLA Business Model, market analysis is being redefined considering the different realities being found in the three pilot locations and also from a clearer OLA solution identity, which was actively discussed in the meeting.

The dissemination was also a topic analysed during the meeting, where the partners are also putting their best efforts on developing dissemination material to present the OLA solution – an initial but promising step for the solution to enter in the challenging and growing silver market is being developed – stay tuned!

The OLA consortium will rejoin for one last physical meeting near the project closure, this time in Hungary, and it being planned a visit to the Home institution in Miskolc (where the pilot in Hungary is being conducted).