OLA Project Meeting in Porto, Portugal (December 2016)

On December 5th and 6th of 2016, OLA partners have met for a 2 days physical meeting at INOVA+’s headquarters.

Porto Meeting

The meeting was very much focused on two key aspects, the first was the discussion on OLA Business Model on different countries perspectives – including the analysis on how OLA can meet the expectations from the end-users and how OLA should establish a strong and effective relationship with them. The other crucial topic addressed on the meeting was the pilot planning – consider the importance of the pre-pilots and the pilot’s methodology: pilot kits, questionnaires and method. To better make a bridge from the first to the second aspect and enrich the discussion, it was made full presentation of the OLA’s architecture and a demonstration on different devices and sensors, including:

  • Heart beat data, Glucose and Blood Pressure;
  • Body Weight and Body Balance;
  • Self-Measurement of fatigue;
  • Speech Recognition.

The Project Team finished the year of 2016 getting ready to move forward for the testing phase which will be occurring in Portugal, Hungary and Sweden.